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Valuable Land Plots from city

Valuable 04 land  Plots from city...More info

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Indian Housing Programme

          This is an aided housing programme implemented in North and Eastern Provinces. Financial assistance for the housing construction is provided by the Indian government and the total number of houses, expected to construct under this programme is 50,000. This housing construction is jointly implemented by the Non-Government Organizations, International organizations and National Housing Development Authority. The number of houses constructed by the National Housing Development Authority, under this programme is 6,000 Beneficiaries are being selected by the division Technical assistance, co - ordinating work as well as administration for the construction work is carried out under the construction work is carried out under the supervision of National Housing Development Authority.

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Jana Sevana Concept

         "Jana Sevana" is a living concept, although, priority is given for construction of houses, Janasevana is not mealy a programme for housing. The Janasevana Housing and Settlement Development Drive for one million housing was formulated at the end of 30 year prolong bloody war, making Sri Lanka towards a proud independent and sovereign state by providing housing facilities to all homeless families in the Island.

1.1 The background of the formulation of Jana Sevana National Housing and Settlement Development Drive for One Million Housing

1.1 (i)

Since independence in 1948, the successive governments have taken many efforts to fulful the housing needs in Sri Lanka.  But it was impossible to secure expected result on these efforts. What ever talk in political arena, the problem for housing in Sri Lanka seriously worsened rapidly. It is experienced that the problem for housing was not talk about a major problem in Sri Lanka. However after the unexpected Tsunami catastrophe in Sri Lanka in 2004, it was created a new atmosphere to focus the immediate attention on the housing problem of this country.

1.1 (ii)

Under this circumstance special attention was focused on housing and it had been  estimated that the total shortage of houses in Sri Lanka as One Point Two  Million. The houses lost due to the  devastation of Tsunami catastrophe also included to this figure. Under the Tsunami rehabilitation plan measures had been taken to construct considerable amount of houses with the assistance of local and foreign contributions.

1.1 (iii)

After reconstruction of Tsunami devastated houses it has been estimated the number of housing requirement in Sri Lanka was about One Million. In this context, formulation of a housing programme for the next five year is emphasized.

1.1 (iv)

As a result the Jana Sevana housing and Settlement Development Drive for One Million housing has been formulated to meet the growing demand for housing.


1.2 What is Jana Sevana Housing and Settlement Development Drive for One Million Housing means?


1.2 (i)

It is a national drive for the construction of One Million houses, towards building a self reliance nation, through providing  housing facilities to one million poor families within next five years from  2011 – 2015.

1.2 (ii)

The  'Jana Sevana' Housing and Settlement Development Drive for One Million Housing is specially designed enabling to flow the benefit of the programme to all groups in our society. As such the  benefit of this programme should be reached to all groups in our society.

1.2 (iii)

The Jana Sevana housing and Settlement Development Drive for One Million houses given priority to the low cost housing technologies. As such under this programme priority and  encouragement should be given to low cost construction technologies in all construction activities.

1.2 (iv)

This is a eco-friendly development programme, as such  always special attention  should be focused to encourage the eco-friendly construction as well as in arrangements of environment. Permission will not be granted to those which may cause for the environmental degradation. If it is not impossible it  should be minimized.

1.2 (v)

Jana Sevana is a national programme which encourage  power and energy saving.  Under this  programme it should be encouraged the efforts which are taken to reduce the  energy consumption in construction. And  all activities which may cause for the waste of power and energy should be  stopped or discouraged.

1.2 (vi)

A house helps to determine the safety and the  self reliance of the society. The  Society become as the true partner of the development if only they could rising  up with self reliance.

1.2 (vii)

Accordingly Jana Sevana is a development programme which strives to produce real partners of development through house own society.

1.2 (viii)

The ultimate goal in all endeavours of Jana Sevana Housing and Settlement Development Drive for One Million Housing is to create a better and developed society.

1.2 (ix)

The Jana Sevana programme which have ultimate goal of creating a better society is not a narrow programme of providing a  housing unit with four walls and a roof.   As such all recipient of the houses should be well communicated in this regard.

1.2 (x)

Well communication does not mean merely inform them orally or in writing but get them together towards the norbal objective of  the Jana Sevana Drive by working with them as a guider without any bureaucratic differences.

1.3 The Sub Programmes of Jana Sevana Housing and Settlement Development Drive for One Million Housing

         The said Jana Sevana housing programme is formulated enabling to flow it's benefits to all groups in our society, therefore all sub programmes are formulated targeting each groups in our  society. The word "Jana Sevana" should be edded before the name of all sub programme as all these are sub programme of the Jana Sevana One Million Housing Programme.

1.3 (i) Jana Sevana "Uphara" Housing Loan Programme

This programme is specially formulated with the  intention of providing housing loan facilities to the families which earn  monthly salary in government and semi governmental institutions as well as in  private sectors institutions.

       Under this programme, it will be able to obtain  housing loan up to 5 lakhs to the employees who work in government and semi  governmental institutions as well as private sector institutions and to other  families which have repayment abilities as well. The annual interest for the loan will be 10%  and the maximum repayment period is 10 years. (The interest rate will be  decided as per the interest rate of fund)

1.3 (ii) Janasevana "Sasunen Sevana" Programme

The  "Sasunen Sevana" programme is formulated to mark the 2600 Sri  Sambudhatwa Jayanthiya. Under this  programme a house will be provided to a poor family which was recommended by  the Chief Incumbent and the Board of Trustees of the Village temple of the  area. As a initial steps 10,210 temples have been identified islandwide for this programme.The Sasunen Sevana programme is implemented  to re-affirm the connection between the village and village temple based on our culture.

1.3 (iii) Janasevana "Sasunata Saviya"  Programme

This  sub programme is specially formulated aimed at to assist the Buddhist Monks who  protected Buddhism and Buddha Sasana for more than 2000 years facing with many  difficulties. During the period of war  in 3 decades, the temples in terrorist affected areas were in dilapidated  condition due to lack of assistance and were being deteriorated. Even in this situation the monks were not abandon the temples and stayed their safeguarding the village and villagers,  facing the challenges of horrible terrorism. In this context, the Sasunata Saviya progrqmme was initiated with the  intention of reconstruction of "Sangawasa" of the temples.  Under this programmes as a initial step, it  has been planned to construct 300 "Sangawasa" building Islandwide  specially in North and East.

1.3 (iv) "Janasevana Virugammana"  Programme

The "Janasevana Virugammana" Programme was initiated with a view to pay  national tribute to the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives in order to safeguard the motherland. Under this progamme a settlement will be established in a selected area in the name of a  deceased soldier or in the name of a soldier who resides near the settlement.

1.3 (v) "Virusevana" Housing Programme

"Virusevana"  housing programme was initiated aimed at to provide housing facilities to the families of soldiers who lost their limbs at the war in order to safeguard the  integrity of motherland. This programme is being implemented at district level. Homeless soldiers will be benefited under this programme.

1.3 (vi) "Janasevana Sarana" Housing  Programme

This  housing development programme is implemented aimed at to provide housing loan  facilities to the under privileged low income families who do not have access to formal finance and loan schemes. Under this programme the persons who engaged in construction fields such as masons, carpenters etc. will be benefited.

1.3 (vii) "Janasevana Shrama Saviya"  Programme

The prime objective of this "Janasevana Shrama Saviya" Programme is to provide housing assistance to the technicians who engaged in construction work, to build their own houses. Under this programme assistance will be provided to the construction technicians such as  masons, carpenters etc.

1.3 (viii) "Jana Sevana Kepakaru" Housing  Programme

This  programme was initiated with a view to provide housing facilities with the assistance of foster institutions. Under this programme poor families with genuine housing requirement but they do not have access to formal finance and loan schemes will be benefited.

1.3 (ix) "Sahasra Lanka" Flats  Programme

"Sahasra Lanka" Flats programme has been initiated with the intention of providing  housing facilities to the low and middle income families in urban areas at  affordable prices, finding solution to the aggravating land problems in urban  areas in parallel to the increasing population. This programme has been planned to launch with the financial assistance  of local and foreign private investors. Under this programme housing schemes will be constructed for Sri Lankan housing market at affordable prices with the assistance of local and foreign  investors and with the contribution of NHDA lands. Flats consist of suitable houses as per the Sri Lankan housing market will be constructed at affordable prices for expected  income groups.

1.3 (x) Janasevana "Etharasaviya"  Housing Programme

The "Etharasaviya" housing scheme launched with the intention of  providing housing facilities to the migrant workers who earn foreign exchange. Under this programe assistance will be provided to the migrant workers to build a house as per their need  while they are working in abroad.

1.3 (xi) Janasevana Scattered Housing Programme

The Janasevana Scattered housing programme is formulated aimed at to provide  assistance to construct a house for low and middle income families islandwide.