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"Soysapura" Housing Scheme

Rathmalana - Colombo

"Sobasiripura" - Avissawella




"Samata Sevana" 50,000 Houses Programme

"Samata Sevana" Model Village Programme

"Samata Sevana" Sampath Sevana Programme

"Samata Sevana" Plastering Programme



The National Housing Development Authority has given special attention as its prime objective to assist the communities which face housing problem throughout the island. Our institution has implemented various housing development programmes during the last three decades. Under these programmes, it was able to provide permanent houses to a large number of people Island wide. These programmes were implemented under various development projects as per the requirements of those periods. ABOUT US

Vision & Mission


An adequate house for every family in a habitable environment.



NHDA is to promote, facilitate and coordinate on a national scale the provision of shelter requirements for fellow members of our society, particularly those in low income groups, lacking means to acquire a house and which results in the betterment of their social well being and economic prospects.

Act (No. 17 of 1979)

Housing policy


Housing & Other Services


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