National Housing Development Authority (NHDA) is incorporated by Act No 17 of 1979. The Authority is governed by the Chairman and the Board of Directors appointed by the Hon. Minister of Housing and Construction. General Manager is the Chief Executive Officer and eight departments headed by Deputy General Managers execute the decisions of the Board of Management. These departments are responsible for overall operation of the organization towards the accomplishment of its goal. Eight departments are listed below.

  • HRM & Administration
  • Engineering Services & Construction
  • Finance 
  • Housing Development
  • Property Development & Management
  • Planning & Monitoring
  • Legal 
  • Information & Publicity

The Authority with its Head Office in Colombo carries out its activities on an island wide basis through a network of 25 District Offices and 02 Metropolitan Offices. The present work force of NHDA is nearly 2,250 employees.


In 1953, the Department of National Housing was established to cater the housing needs of the middle and low income groups in Sri Lanka. It was headed by the Commissioner of National Housing who was empowered to raise loans, grant loans to building societies, co-operative, housing bodies, and individuals to acquire land and implement housing schemes.

Soon after General Elections of 1977, a new constitution was adopted, which provided for an Executive President. The government aimed to build hundred thousand houses in a five year period. In this back drop the need for accelerated development mechanism was felt.

The government following its free economic policy decided to deregulate the housing sector with new legislations and a new institution. Thus, the National Housing Development Authority Act No 17 of 1979 was passed and the new institution called National Housing Development Authority was created succeeding the Department of National Housing.

The new Authority, having motivated by the success of the Hundred Thousand Houses Program, decided to implement another massive program called Million Houses and 1.5 Million Houses programs. This daring endeavour received National and International recognition.

Act (No. 17 of 1979)


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