1.    To prepare and execute proposals, plans and projects for:-

  • The erection, conversion, improvement and extension of any flat, house or other living accommodation or any building for residential purposes.
  • The sale, lease, mortgage or rental of such flat, house or other living accommodation or building.
  • The clearance and redevelopment of slums, shanties, tenements and other buildings which are congested, unsightly or insanitary.
  • The resettlement of persons displaced or likely to be displaced by any of the operations of the Authority.

         2.    To manage all lands, flats houses and other living accommodations and buildings or other property vested in or belonging to the Authority.

3.    To provide loans on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed to enable persons:-

  • To purchase flats, houses or other living accommodations.
  • To purchase lands for the construction of flats, houses and other living accommodations.
  • To construct flats, houses and other living accommodations.
  • To conduct research and surveys necessary for the performance of the functions and duties of the Authority.
  • To establish new housing estates and to encourage self-help housing projects and the provision of amenities for the inhabitants of such estates or projects including transport and other services.
  • To enter into and perform directly or through government departments, public corporations, or any agents authorized on behalf of all such contracts as it may consider necessary for the carrying out of any of the objects of the Authority.

4.    To accept gifts, grants, donations or subsidies, whether in cash or otherwise and to apply them for carrying out of any of its objects.

5.    To develop any immovable property acquired or held by the Authority.

6.    To acquire, hold, take or give on lease or hire, mortgage, pledge, sell or otherwise dispose, any movable or immovable property.

7.    To obtain loans on such terms and conditions as may be approved by the Minister for the purpose of carrying out any of its objects.

8.    To charge rents for any flat, house, or other living accommodation or any building provided by the Authority.

9.    To undertake any services or facilities provided by the Authority.

10.    To undertake any activity which is in the opinion of the Authority, are necessary to achieve any of its objectives.

11.    To do all such acts or things as are incidental to or consequential upon the exercise, performance and discharge of its powers, duties and functions.

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