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Human Resource Management & Administration Division

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Human Resource Management and Administration Division is responsible for managing the work force of National Housing Development Authority towards achieving present and future challenges. (right time, right person and right place)

Human Resource Management and Administration Division is bound to direct the employees, the most valuable resource of the organization ,by providing solutions to short term and long term issues and difficulties.

Following are the prime responsibilities of Human Recourse Management and Administration Division.

  • Handling of all the administrative work related to human resource management of the institution.
  • The activities related to the recruitment, promotion, attachment, transfers, termination, and suspension of service of the employees as well as payment of incentives approved by the Government.
  • Effective implementation of activities related to the payment of incentives, Employees Trust Fund and Employees provident fund.
  • Introduction of necessary training programmes by identifying the training needs of all the employees of the institution by obtaining necessary approval.
  • Act in accordance with rules and regulations of disciplinary activities of the institution.
  • Maintenance of attendance report including arrival and departure of the employees as well as all kind of leave such as accident leave, n o pay leave, half pay leave, maternity leave etc.
  • Implementation and Supervision of payment of employees such as of distress loan, medical benefits, and leave encashment.
  • Supervision of the purchasing of items as per the necessity of Authority.
  • Supervision of the maintenance of vehicles and drivers and other staff members of Transport Division.
  • Responsibility of ensuring the security of employees and movable and immovable property of the authority giving the necessary instruction to Security Section.

Achievements of the Human Resource Management and Administration Division

As the work force is the driving force of an organization, a prominent role is played by the Human Resource Management and Administration Division in the process of managing and motivating the human resource towards achieving the Vision and the Mission of National Housing Development Authority. Thus, various steps have been taken in order to motivate the staff towards efficient performance of duties. Internal promotions programme is one of the measures taken in this regard. Under this programme, promotions were granted to the employees, who had been in the same Grade for a period of 10 years. Moreover, as a step towards motivating the work force, salary anomalies were eliminated and deferred salary increments were granted. Establishment of Service Appeal Committee and obtaining the approval for the New Scheme of Recruitment are also the achievements of the Division. Apart from them, implementation of internal and external training programmes has enabled to tarnish professional skills of the employees of National Housing Development Authority. Particularly, the employees are benefited by Self-Interest Loan System, which grants loans for local and foreign training programmes. Furthermore, with the objective of motivating the staff of National Housing Development Authority, conditions with regard to grant of Staff Housing Loans were simplified. Decentralization of power to provide an efficient and effective service, grant of leave concessions to the employees and increase of medical benefits were also implemented. Thus, the Human Resource Management and Administration Division is dedicated towards the welfare of the employees of the organization, which ultimately results in achievement of organizational goals effectively and efficiently.

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