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Property Development and Management Division

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The duties & responsibilites of the Property Management Division is given below

1 . Supervision, maintenance, development and protection of all properties of National Housing Development Authority.
2 . Regularization of unauthorized occupants, prevention of unauthorized construction in the lands of Authority by ensuring the ownership of the lands.
3 . Formation of policies on sale and marketing and implementation of such policies with proper approval.
4 . Maintenance & updating of records of lands belongs to the Authority.
5 . All activities related to land survey, dividing of lands, preparation & issue of survey plans.
6 . Collecting of information about the low income earners island wide who settled in plots of lands below 6 perches.
7 . Implementation of an accelerated programme to issue title deeds collecting of information regarding the housing schemes in  which they have been settled, their ownership, plans & estimated value.
8 . Collecting of information regarding the houses which have been provided on low rental basis in Colombo suburbs.
9 . Maintenance & management activities of property development implemented by NHDA in all districts island wide.
10 . Implementation of a programme in order to expedite the issue of title deeds, by carrying out of the activities of transfer, survey & estimate.
11 . Issue of title deeds for the plot of lands given by NHDA for commercial purposes.  (Ex: Maligawatta Housing Scheme.
12 . All duties regarding the survey & allotment of lands and issue of survey plan to the owner.
13 . When a property is sold, responsibility to certify the estimate.
14 . Related works on getting approval for formation of policy on property sale and implementation.
15 . Preparation of report on petition committee of parliament related to the division.
16 . Government Audit Committee works related to the division.
17 . Management activities related to the housing secretariat building and Housing Department building.
18 . Answering to the Audit Quarries related to the division.
19 . Preparation of Annual Reports/Budget Report related the division.
20 . Duties related to the condominium properties of all districts.
21 . Payment of electricity and pumping station bills in housing schemes.
22 . Daily postal activities of property management division.
23 . Maintenance of name list / leave register of employees of the division.
24 . All duties up to receiving the approval of Hon. Minister for this programme to issue the deeds of district offices under section 8.1 of the programme.
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