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The Minister of Housing and Constructioon Hon. Sajith Premadasa declared open the 26 th Model Village “Sundaramahadevigama” at Boatta, Welikanda in Polonnaruwa on 27 th April, 2017. This model village consists of 29 housing units and it is facilitated with water, electricity, internal and access roadamenities.


 Housing ownership for 29 families

 Water filters for 46 pre-schools – Rs. 238000.00

 Spectacles for 95 recipients – Rs. 76000.00

 Cheques for 300 kidney patients – Rs. 83600000.00

 Cheques for 100 beneficiaries under Scattered Housing Loan Programme – Rs. 10000000.00

 Tool kits for 250 trainees under Shilpa Saviya Programme – Rs. 11500000.00

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Thursday, 27 April 2017 09:32

Dinujayagama – the 25 th Model Village

The 25 th model village, "Dinujayagama" at Ekamuthugama, Sevanagala in Monaragala District was vested in the public with the auspices of the Minister of Housing and Construction Hon. Sajith Premadasa on 24th April, 2017. This consists of 25 housing units, water and electricity facilities, internal roads and an access road.


In line with the opening ceremony, the following events took place.

 Land authorization for 25 housing beneficiaries in the model village.

 Scattered housing loan for 250 recipients bearing a sum of Rs. 25000000.00.

 Aids for 53 kidney patients with a cost of Rs. 11700000.00.

 Shilpa Saviya tool kits for 100 trainees bearing a cost of Rs. 4600000.00.

The 24 th Model Village which reached the completion level of its construction was declared open by Hon. Sajith Premadasa, the Minister of Housing and Construction in the presence of His Excellency Kenichi Suganuma, the Ambassador of Japan in Sri Lanka on 07 th April 2017. "Sathmithugama" is located at Galwewa DS Division in Hambantota District. 

SathmithuD SathmithuE SathmithuB

The 23 rd Model Village in Tirappane DS Division of Anuradhapura District was declared open with the auspices Hon. Sajith Premadasa, Minister of Housing and Constriction on 02 nd April 2017.

This model village consists of 24 housing units. Water and electricity facilities and internal access roads are available in the village. In parallel to the opening, issuance of housing ownership for 24 families, grant of cheques for 200 recipients of scattered housing loan, award of cheques for 580 kidney patients for construction of houses and issuance of transfer deeds for 24 families took place.

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Wednesday, 05 April 2017 09:39

38 th Anniversary of NHDA

In celebration of the 38th Anniversary of National Housing Development Authority, a simple ceremony was held with the auspices of the Chairman and the participation of Senior Advisers, the Vice Chairman, the Working Director, the General Manager, Deputy General Managers and the staff of NHDA at the Head Office premises.

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National Housing Development Authority (NHDA) signed an agreement with the International Construction Consortium (Pvt.) Ltd. (ICC) today (30.03.2017). 860 housing units are to be constructed in Mount Clifford – Homagama under this Public Private Partnership (PPP) Programme. The cost of the project is estimated to be Rs. 6.66 Billions.AggriMountA

Out of the total number of houses, 688 housing units will be constructed for the middle income people and the price of each unit is Rs. 5 M.

Basic facilities such as roads, electricity, pipe borne water, sewerage disposal, street lighting and parking will be available in the housing scheme. Moreover, the premises will be comprised of a community hall, a restaurant, a swimming pool, a commercial area and a children’s play area.

Mr. L.S. Palansuriya, the Chairman of NHDA and Mr. M.P. Namal Siri Peiris, the Chief Executive Officer of ICC signed the agreement.

Mr. Karunarathne Athukorala, the Vice Chairman, Mr. K.G. Wickrema, the Working Director and Mrs. M.S. Weerasinghe, the General Manager also participated in this event representing the NHDA.

AggriMountC AggriMountF AggriMountE

The 22 nd Model Village named "Sarajayagama",which is located in Galwewa of Hambantota district, was vested in the public with the auspices of the Minister of Housing and Construction, Hon. Sajith Premadasa on 18 th March, 2017. The opening ceremony was added more value with the following events.


  • Housing ownership for 25 beneficiaries
  • Self-employment concessionary for the housing beneficiaries
  • Savings accounts for the children of the housing beneficiaries
  • Chairs for "Housing Society"
  • Cheques for Scattered Housing Loan recipients
  • Tool kits for 287 Shilpa Saviya trainees
  • Spectacles for 305 recipients
  • Clinic for kidney patients and indigenous medical clinic
  • Land mobile service
  • NIC mobile service
  • Unilever Saubhagya Programme

SarajayaU SarajayaW SarajayaT\


Hon. Minister of Housing and Construction Sajith Premadasa granted ownership of a plot of land from Anamaduwa Gamudawa premises and a sum of Rs. 500,000/- from Sevana Fund to the mother of war hero Sniffer Nero who died in action, to construct a house.17203017 415540845463261 1036806148430409437 n 1  17200987 415541028796576 9173372360919717752 n

The 21st model village under Udagammana Programme, Veediyabandaragama in Palindanuwara of Kalutara District was vested in the public by the Minister of Housing and Construction Hon. Sajith Premadasa on 03rd March, 2017. WeediyabandaraFThe model village consists of 25 housing units and water facility, electricity power, internal and access roads. Issuance of land permits to the 25 families, granting of cheques to 25 kidney patients, issuing of Udagammana housing loans totaling to Rs. 3000000/-, distribution of tool kits for 120 Shilpa Saviya trainees, distribution of spectacles for 446 recipients, grant of transfer and lease deeds to 50 beneficiaries in the district, a clinic, a land mobile service, NIC mobileservice and agro crop clinic were components of the opening ceremony.WeediyabandaraG

"Sirijayagama" in Tissapura, Tissamaharama of Hambantota District , the 20 th model village constructed under Udagammana Programme, was vested in the public by the Minister of Housing and Construction, Hon. Sajith Premadasa yesterday (23.02.2017). SirijayaAThis comprises of 25 housing units and water and electricity power facilities and internal access roads are available in the model village.SirijayaC In parallel to the opening, the following events took place:




  • Scattered Housing Loan for 250 recipients
  • Shilpa Saviya tool kits for 300 trainees
  • Sanitary facilities for 380 beneficiaries
  • Spectacles for 136 recipients
  • Clinic for kidney patients
  • Indigenous medical clinic
  • Land mobile service
  • NIC mobile service
  • Unilever Saubhagya Programme
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